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Our Approach

Emphasizing Safety

It's been 12 years since I taught my first MSHA class at Our Gang Safety & Training in Hibbing, MN. Since then, I've found a new passion. In starting this safety business, I will continue to work with companies and individuals emphasizing safety in the work place. I definitely believe that companies can meet high production levels while at the same time promoting the safety and well being of their employees.

Our Story

     Meet the Instructor, Duane DeMaris

I first started my career in 1973 when I joined the USMC as a rifle repairman. After serving 3 years, I moved back to Hibbing, MN and began work at Hibbing Taconite in 1977.  Safety has changed tremendously since I first started over 42 years ago in the mining industry. After working as a laborer in the the pelletizer for one year, I transferred to the mining department and began operating heavy equipment. This is where I found my home away from home. I spent 16 years operating many types of heavy equipment from small side dump loaders to huge Caterpillar 994 loaders and D-11 dozers. After one of my good friends talked me into applying to become a supervisor, I went on for another 14 1/2 years at Hibbing Tac as a shift supervisor and then General Foreman of Mine Operations.

In anticipating retirement, I started a successful small excavating business. a part time business that I operated for over 7 years.

In addition, I soon became a MSHA , an OSHA  & an AHA Instructor. I have since taught several hundred classes on many subject matters for various clients.

I don't think that I really know what the word retirement means.

Over 40 years’ experience in industry -  (Heavy Equipment Operator / Supervisor / Business Owner-Excavating)

Currently 12 years as an Industrial Safety Instructor

(Our Gang & Worksmart Safety - Hibbing / Lake Superior College – Duluth /      Northwood Tecnical College - Superior)

ESF was created to keep your employees safe

At times in this industry, there are pivotal moments that can define a company's principles. One such principle is our attitude towards the safety of our employees. ESF offers the training needed to follow show your company's values.